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*Reminder! Reminder!! Reminder!!!*

Think of the money this will save you traveling to Atlanta, GA.
The sooner we have the numbers, the more committed our Nigerian Consulate will be to coming to Tulsa.  

Please, if you have not signed up already, do so now and encourage family and friends in Tulsa and neighboring cities and states to do so as well.
*You Are Permitted to Forward This to People You Know!*


UNAT will like to thank you for signing up for our Nigerian Passport Initiative.
There has been a lot of inquires concerning visit from the embassy. At this time we are unable to confirm. We are awaiting confirmation to the proposed visit being the second time around (since they last visited 2012 ). We are trying to meet requirements to be considered for their visit as they would with request from all over the US. That was the reason for collecting names.
We will send all the names to the embassy this month and wait for their reply. Please be patient as we are unable at this time to guarantee that the embassy will be coming. 


Yinka Osifeso                                                                                                                                                                                                        UNAT Secretary


UNAT Next Gen Summer Event

You and/or your colleagues have agreed to use UNAT Next Gen GroupMe as communication platform. Please accept invite or invite your fellow young Nigerian in the days to come. Thanks for your participation and support at the last zoom conference.




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