United Nigeria Association of Tulsa

Where Unity Means Something!

Welcome to UNAT

United Nigeria Association of Tulsa, formally Nigerian Union Tulsa, Inc. is a non-profit and non-political organization formed, registered, and incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in 1995. Founded in September of 1994, we are best described as an "Association of United Nigerians". The goal of this organization has been and will continue to focus on the exposure to Nigerian cultures and traditions for educational purposes. Our greatest achievement is, perhaps, educating one another in our various rich cultures and traditions. We are indeed a blessed nation.

While we do encourage our members to participate in the activities of their various ethnic groups, we place more emphasis on the "Greater Nigeria" concept because we believe that is where our future lies. Promoting activities that emphasize Nigerian unity should not take anything away from any form of individuality. It, in fact, brings us closer together as we begin to see the wonderful similarities in our traditions. You could say that those of us in Tulsa who are members of United Nigeria Association have been defragmented.

We are dedicated to promoting the welfare of Nigerians and ALL people who have been affiliated with Nigeria in a very positive way.

For now, our resources limit us to Tulsa and vicinity. Even so, we will continue to work on fostering cultural awareness within the community. 


Mission Statement

To promote the spirit of excellence in the area of Nigerian culture, education and welfare among Nigerians and the community at large.